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Glades communities respond to algae concerns

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 17:13:26-04

As the algae appear from Lake Okeechobee to the St. Lucie River, people on the coast are calling for a stop to the releases.

The Army Corps of Engineers plans to stop releases to the east for nine days starting this weekend.

In Clewiston, Tom Mann Jr. is a fishing guide on Lake O. He has a message about high lake levels.

"High water is a bad thing for Lake Okeechobee," said Mann. "No good for fishing, no good for the grass."

He and others don't want releases, but call it a necessity to maintain the lake.

"We know that their tourist dollars are affected, but this is our livelihood too. We're going to fight as hard as we can to show our point," said Ramon Iglesias at Roland and Mary Anne Martin's Marina and Resort in Clewiston.

He responded to the Army Corp's decision to stop releases for nine days. "I don't know if that's the right decision."

He worries lake levels will rise again.

He also wanted to showcase where the focus should be.

"Water that comes into Lake Okeechobee comes from the north, we have to slow the flow," said Iglesias.