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Concerns over Lake O spraying

Posted at 11:04 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 10:36:00-04

Tuesday morning a group in Martin County called for a ban on a weed killer containing glyphosate which some say can feed the growth of algae blooms.

A herbicide is also being sprayed in Lake Okeechobee conducted by a state agency to kill invasive plants.

At Roland Martin Marina in Clewiston, Captain Leo Doran see's it all the time.

"Like it's come on like a vengeance," said Doran.

He says it's hurting the fisheries.

"When you come back a week later you can't find fish," said Doran.

Clewiston Commissioner Phillip Roland fears there could be something much worse going on.

"Lost the fishery on the south end of the lake," said Roland.

FWC sprays 18 classes of herbicide and one of those is glyphosate.

Environmentalists fear chemicals could be part of the algae bloom problem. A 2009 Ohio Sea Grant Study linked Roundup which contains glyphosate to algae blooms.

However, FWC says the type of glyphosate that is being sprayed is different from the brand Roundup and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Meanwhile, Leo wants people to come out a see the impacts.

"I'll take you out and you be the judge."