Where to get help after Irma? Belle Glade is cleaning up after the storm

Millions across the state had evacuated and now millions are returning home.  Some are finding their home in good condition, others are less fortunate.

In Belle Glade, an area hit hard by Hurricane Irma, many are finding their homes surrounded by water and trees crushing their fences. 

“I found lake behind her house,” said Berta Hernandez, who is taking care of the 88-year old owner of the home. “I found a lot of damage in Belle Glade. I really feel upset about that.”

The neighbor’s home is also surrounded by water. 

“I want to know what they’re doing about this because they really need some help,” Hernandez said. 

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The Salvation Army was handing out water on Tuesday to those without power. 

Mayor Steve Wilson said the city is starting to assess the damage.

“We know there’s flooding in a lot of neighbor’s homes,” Wilson said.

Oscar Roman said his trailer home was damaged by the wind. Many of his windows broke and his roof was damaged.

“I’m just glad that I’m alive,” Roman said.

He boarded up his windows because he said he can’t afford to get them fixed up. 

A FEMA spokesperson said the fastest way to get help is to sign up online. 

But FEMA isn’t responsible for everything after a disaster hit.

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The agency is mostly responsible for housing issues. 

For those in Belle Glade, the biggest issue right now is power, which is the responsibility of FPL.

“I’m staying outside during the day because it’s really hot inside,” Roman said. “It’s too dangerous to be outside at night in Belle Glade.” 

For those who lost all their food in their fridge and who are on food stamps and social security, FEMA is not necessarily the right agency.

Officials say people can apply and everything is handled on a case by case basis. The best way is for those in need to contact the local city or county officials on how to get the resources they need. 

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