County continues to replace outdated water pipes

Posted at 8:24 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 05:22:14-05

Longtime pipe problems are on the mend in Belle Glade.

Both the county and the state have been investing millions of dollars to fix old, corroded water pipes in western Palm Beach County.

We first told you about the issue back in 2013.

Since then, the county has committed $5 million a year for the next five years to fix it.

Around Belle Glade Monday, you can see where some of the pipes are in the process of being removed and replaced.

It’s a need that seems more urgent now in light of the situation in Flint, says Commissioner Priscilla Taylor.

“Even though I don't think we are at the point… if the pipes need to be replaced I think we need to do that as quickly as we can,” she says.

State Senator Joseph Abruzzo - in Tallahassee for the legislative session - says keeping these improvements going in Belle Glade is a top priority.

“There have been millions of dollars that we have provided from the state, as well as matching from the county and then some,” Abruzzo says.

He says the situation in Flint is dire, but he doesn't see the same thing happening here.

“They have serious water quality and water run off issues, where ours is a piping issue,” he says.

“I am not stating that to downplay the issue. We are in full gear to get these water pipes replaced.”

Abruzzo says area lawmakers are requesting additional funding from the state during this session to put towards the project.