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The Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County feeds children and their families after Hurricane Irma

Posted at 6:40 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 18:40:02-04

Since Hurricane Irma, many families living near the Boys and Girls Club of Saint Lucie County in Fort Pierce, have been without electricity and very little food to eat.

 "We were checking our facility and there were a couple of kids by the dumpster and they were just looking in the dumpster. And we said, "what are you doing? and they said they were looking for something. And while they didn't say they were looking for food we knew they were looking for food," said Will Armstead, the Boys and Girls Club of Saint Lucie County CEO.

Children are now laughing and playing. Their bellies are full after enjoying a warm meal of spaghetti and meat. 

 The organization is now accepting donations of clothing and pet food. Both churches and local businesses have answered the call.

Volunteers including law enforcement served almost 350 meals to those in need. Dinner will also be provided. Eleven-year-old Kenia St. Vil said, "The spaghetti is good the lemonade is perfect."  

And 12-year-old Kimorra Foggie said, "It makes them happy because they are having something to eat that the Boys and Girls Club is giving to them."

 The organization will also be serving meals on Thursday and Friday, and longer if necessary.