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Thieves target holiday home decorations from Palm Beach County to the Treasure Coast

Posted at 8:18 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 20:18:15-05

No matter how many times he watches it, Jason Pearce is still floored. 

He installed LED projection lights at his Port Saint Lucie home in the spirit of the season. 

On Sunday, surveillance cameras at his home show thieves running that cheer.

In the video, you can see several people run out of a car.

“One grabbed one of the LED Christmas lights, grabbed it, unplugged it went back to the car,” Pearce says. 

The other thief attempts to grab another light.  

“It seems like they got a little nervous, so they dropped it and took off down the street.” 

Pearce was not alone. Police tell NewsChannel 5 his house was one of several hit that day alone in Port Saint Lucie. 

In fact, from the Treasure Coast to Palm Beach County, law enforcement says crooks and vandals are targeting holiday decorations. 

Just last week, NewsChannel 5 told you about a Jupiter Heights family who caught criminals attacking their 25-foot tall inflatable Santa. 

Police say it’s a tough crime to prevent. 

“It’s kinda impossible to ask people to put alarm systems on their Christmas ornaments,” says Master Sergeant Frank Sabol with Port Saint Lucie Police.

Surveillance cameras can be a deterrent, but the best preventive tool may be your own neighbors.

“Just say ‘Hey, I may be going out for a little bit, can you check on my house, or if you see anything suspicious outside, call the police’,” he says. 

Pearce says it’s frustrating that in a season known for giving, some are so willing to take. 

“You’re taking a Christmas time that’s supposed to be happy and putting a real damper on it.” 

Police say those crooks may have also stolen mail at those homes as well.  

Thieves may be looking for Christmas presents and gift cards. 

One suggestion to prevent this, consider a P.O. Box for Christmas deliveries this season.