Mets' ballpark in need of millions in repairs

Posted at 7:08 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 19:08:23-05

St. Lucie County's Tradition Field is in need of $2.8 million worth of repair work.

A newly released report from the county lists the items in need of repair, including some of the batting tunnels, an elevator and asphalt in the parking lot.

The items that need to be fixed are prioritized as either "high" or "medium" priority.

"We cant accomplish this immediately, but we need to come up with a maintenance plan over the next few years," said Ed Matthews, director of parks, recreation and facilities for St. Lucie County.

Ed said many of the items will be fixed by the time Spring Training starts.

One of the high priority items involves the installation of hundreds of new chairs for the fans to sit on.

Many of them are damaged and cracked due to sun exposure, according to Ed.

The county gets some money from the New York Mets, according to Ed, but the rest of the repairs will be covered by local government.

Much of that money comes from tourism generated revenue.

He said the county spends $1.2 million each year to maintain the stadium, but takes in $39 million worth of revenue from Spring Training each year.

The county is expecting record crowds for Spring Training of 2016, especially because of the Mets' recent trip to the World Series.

Ed said by the time Spring Training starts, the necessary repairs will be made.

"It's safe for the public, it's safe for the players," he said.

Ed added that the ballpark, which is nearly thirty years old, is also ready to grow when necessary.

"It could certainly be expanded in the future. It's a good solid core structurally to expand on."