Family of PSL stranded motorist hit and killed speaks

Posted at 7:35 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-24 17:39:27-04

A man who police say was drunk driving struck and killed a man who was standing next to his broken down car.

We’re hearing from his son and 95-year-old mother.

He said they were inseparable, father and son.

“We pretty much spent all day, every day together doing the lawn, shopping,” said Kevin Hewitt, about his dad.

They even shared a bedroom in their Port St. Lucie home.

“I can't even go in the bedroom right now,” said Kevin.

Late Saturday night, Kevin's father, 67-year-old Kevin Hewitt went to run an errand. “Went to get a pack of cigs go to Walgreens before it closed at midnight,” said Kevin.

He was on his way to the drug store when police say Hewitt's car broke down along Port St Lucie Boulevard. That's when officers say 53-year-old Virgil Hall struck Hewitt killing him.

Hall told police he was drinking before he got behind the wheel and detectives believe Hall was speeding.

Kevin's son remembers the moment he got the news. “I was in shock,” said Kevin. “I had the baby in my hand. I almost dropped the baby.”

Together they cared for Hewitt’s 95-year-old mom. “He was the best son in the world, that's no exaggeration,” said Jacci Hewitt, “He was good to me. He took care of me. I became old and he had to do a lot more for me personal things and he did.”

Just last month, doctors told Hewitt he beat bladder cancer. Now, the family is planning his funeral.

“I'm just trying to do it while I'm emotionally sound, i guess,” said Kevin.

Hewitt served in the navy during Vietnam. He's remembered for his sense of humor and positivity.

Hall faces a charge of driving under the influence with a fatality. He bonded out on $50,000.