Community helping girl who helped those in need

Posted at 11:06 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 11:08:39-04

Maddie Demers was barely 6 years old when we met her three years ago, collecting donations for organizations that help veterans and needy children.

Now Maddie is the one in need. "It's scary," she says.

Her mother Barbie DiMatteo says about a month ago the 9 year old complained about knee pain.

Several doctors and tests followed and then--a grim discovery.

"By the time they scan her whole body she has tumors, except in her skull. It's mainly in her bones. It's not operable. They do believe there is a small one in her lung," her mother says.

Maddie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Multi-Centric Osteogenic Sarcoma. She just started ten weeks of aggressive chemotherapy  in Orlando. 

Family, friends and strangers are offering whatever help they can.

Julie Hoveskeland, a family friend, said, "Right now we are just focused on getting the family everything that they can possibly need right now."

They remember how Maddie's giving heart has helped others. Now, it's their turn. "Maddie is the kind of person when she walks into a room she just lights in it. She is everybody's friend," her mother Barbie said,  "We need to find hope."

If you would like to follow Maddie’s journey, you can find her on Facebook at Maddie’s Fight.