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Jacob Looney sentenced to 30 years behind bars for 2015 attack on his ex-girlfriend and her mom

Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 26, 2018

The St. Lucie County man convicted of stabbing his ex-girlfriend and her mother in 2015 will spend 30 years behind bars and then 5 years on probation.

A judge sentenced 20-year-old Jacob Looney late Thursday afternoon.

His ex-girlfriend, Arielle Preito, who nearly died in the attack, said after court that this violent incident still haunts her and her family.

“I still struggle, emotionally, mentally with things like just depression, anxiety sometimes we don’t sleep as well, but things are definitely a lot better."

They revealed in court that Looney had been trying to contact her from jail as recently as Hurricane Irma. The family said they had to block the number of the St. Lucie County jail.

Looney himself spoke to the court, addressing each victim and the horrific nature of the attack. However, he stopped short of an out right apology.

He did address his own mental health issues that he struggles with. He told the judge that he had been to New Horizons several times before the attack and wants to get better.

“Sir, I was not okay by any means. I was depressed confused and not sure where my life was going,” said Looney.  “But sir, during that time, it never crossed my mind to hurt anyone. I never wanted or meant to hurt the Prieto family. And sir, when I get my family and I will be leaving the state if permissible by you judge."

The judge made it clear that had Looney been older at the time of the attack or had a criminal record, his sentence would have been even harsher.