Treasure Coast neighbors of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen express concern

Posted at 12:10 PM, Jun 13, 2016

As people return home to their condo there is a sense of insecurity as they realize they are just steps away from where Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen lived.

Some neighbors watched the scene unfold from their backyards as investigators gathered evidence from a car believed to belonged Mateen.

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It's scary, scary to think this guy was security guard at a courthouse. This guy was supposed to keep the terrorists away from us right; it's a little strange,” said neighbor John Womack.
“Beyond scary. My husband and I were talking and we could have been walking our dogs out here and with that kinda’ person he could have killed us so it's very scary,” said resident Veronica Beers.

“He's very quiet. I've seen him a couple times never really said much to him and that was kinda’ odd because like I said everybody around here says, ‘good morning, how ya doing,’  common talk and he never said anything , said Jason Beers.

A woman who says she knew Mateen said she is gay and that he never made any comments to her.

“He was sweet, super sweet, and his family… I saw his wife and kid more and they were always playing with my kids," she said.

Police are still visible but the FBI has left the scene.

It’s unclear if they removed anything from Mateen’s condo.