SKA fishing tournament returns to Fort Pierce

Posted at 7:37 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 19:37:00-05

FORT PIERCE, Fla-- The Treasure Coast is welcoming back a big-time national sporting event to the area.

For Pierce, St. Lucie County and The Treasure Coast Sports Commission made the announcement Thursday morning.

The Southern Kingfish Association's National Championship Tournament will be returning to Fort Pierce for the first time since 2010.

The SKA fishing tournament will be November 7-13, 2016.

Rick Hatcher, the executive director of the Treasure Coast Sport Commission says this even will have a huge economic impact on the area.

"These anglers are coming in, they're spending for and five nights," said Hatcher. "They're buying ice for their boats and then all the fuel that needs to be used."

The tournament is a mix of pro and amateur fishing.

The contract says the event will be on a three year rotation with 2 other cities besides Fort Pierce.