Second drug bust within days at Fort Pierce drug house

Posted at 7:23 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 10:36:16-04

NewsChannel 5 was in the process of interviewing the St. Lucie County sheriff outside a house Tuesday, where a drug raid occurred on Friday, when law enforcement happened to roll up for another drug raid.

An ice cream truck drove by at the scene of one of the raids, signifying these busts were happening in the middle of a neighborhood.

The first house was located on North 24th Street.  It was already busted on Friday after a two month undercover drug investigation.  Detectives located meth, crack cocaine and pill capsules and made more than two dozen arrests

"There was individuals here already back in business from Friday night and we walked right in on them," said Sheriff Ken Mascara. 

The sheriff said there were more drugs located and another person was taken into custody.  Sheriff Mascara said that person was caught on camera doing a drug deal with someone undercover.

"They made one arrest for someone they had a warrant for that man there," said Mascara.

Children were also seen inside the home.

"These kids are in poor, poor shape. They're dirty," said Mascara . "It looks like they haven't had a bath in a week and we see other drug users here at the house."

The sheriff described the process as a double layer of security.  He said there were two fences -- a chain link and wooden one.  Mascara said the deals were done inside the privacy fence, if the person looking to make a deal made it in there.

"It looks like a fast food restaurant," said Mascara. "It's non-stop traffic walking up and driving up to buy drugs."

The team also hit a second house on 18th Street in Fort Pierce.  Detectives said they found more drugs, an assault rifle and children inside. The Sheriff said another person was taken into custody with an arrest warrant associated with the 24th Street drug house.

I asked the sheriff if he was surprised at how quickly selling happened again at the 24th Street location.

"Oh, it's very surprising but you know what? Our drug guys knew this was going to happen," he said. 
"We will keep hitting until they're all in jail."

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