Jacob Looney interrogation video released

Posted at 7:13 PM, Sep 22, 2017

State prosecutors have released the never-before seen interrogation video of a teenager charged with a double stabbing.

Friday, the defense tried to convince a judge to redact some of that interview.

“In your honest opinion, am I going away from a long time?”

It’s this moment, in the video interview, where you can hear Jacob Looney begin to have doubts.

It’s also the first time since the 2015 attack,where we hear Looney himself recount the night prosecutors say he snuck into his ex-girlfriend’s house and nearly stabbed and and her mother to death.

Looney, who was 17 at the time, at first denied being at his ex girlfriend, Arielle Prieto’s, home.

However, when the detective confronted him about a neighbor's surveillance video, Looney quickly changed his story.
He told the detective he went over to the Prieto’s home to get some of his belongings, maintaining throughout he was acting in self defense.

However, eventually his parents walk in and tell him that Arielle is in critical condition.
That’s when Looney makes what appears to be an admission.

“They won’t get me for what ever happens to her. They’ll get me for breaking and entering. But other than that, and maybe an assault charge and for breaking probation,” said Looney.

It was this statement, that Friday morning Looney’s defense attorney argued should be redacted from the tape.

“It’s a 17 year old kid saying words that he doesn’t necessarily understand the meaning or the implication of,” said Looney’s defense attorney Arthur Brandt.

However, ultimately the judge sided with the state, that it’s admissible.

Friday, we also learned whats holding up the more than 2 year old case.
The defense says it’s waiting on information related to an media interview with the victims in this case.

“We’re waiting for the raw materials from those interviews because the article that came out doesn’t necessarily match everything thats been said later on.”

There is still no trial date set. The case is set for another status check in October.