Girl, mother, thank FPL linemen with donuts, smiles

Posted at 5:10 PM, Sep 13, 2017

A young Port St. Lucie girl's act of kindness towards FPL workers is making a positive impact.

Bethany Layne and her daughter Macy, 6, wanted to do something for the hard working FPL crews who are working to restore power to South Florida. 

So the Port St. Lucie duo decided to get some donuts and drive around Fort Pierce looking for crews to feed.

Bethany shared the photo above of her daughter and FPL lineman Sean Rufo, who is the father of two of Bethany's students  at a local school. 

"Please appreciate these guys," Bethany wrote us in a message. "They're on 16 hour shifts away from their families doing everything they can to help you get power! #lineman #fpl #unsungheroes"

Bethany tells us that her friend Robyn and her husband Troy also decided to bring some linemen snacks and found a crew from Michigan.

"Macy hopes you enjoy your donuts," Bethany says of the crews.

Thanks for the smiles, Bethany and Macy.