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Class in Fort Pierce teaches 'Secrets of Modern Parenting'

Free course promises tools, skills to parenting
Posted at 5:26 AM, Feb 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-15 05:29:52-05

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — Kimberly Eardley heads up "Families of the Treasure Coast" and is behind a course called the "Secrets of Modern Parenting."

Her class promises actual tools and skills at a time when kids are learning and socializing differently.

So, what are the secrets?

"Patience, how to learn not to nag, yell, scream and still gain compliance with your child," said Eardley.

Eardley opened up pretty quickly about her parenting secrets.

"The pivot. That's my favorite," she said. "If they are doing that behavior, the best thing you can do is divert your attention," said Eardley. "When they calm down, turn back to 'Jane' and say, 'Jane, thank you for calming down would you like to discuss that now?'"

She said it's all about kids wanting attention.

"Give them all the attention you could possibly give them for the first 15 minutes you are at home," Eardley said. "If you do that, you will find the evening goes a lot smoother."

Parents swear by the four-week long course and said the focus on the "pivot" and "values" was most helpful.

"If he (my son) was getting upset or worked up about something, I just did the pivot," said parent Barbara Athanasatos. "I turned and that let him know I wasn't going to entertain this anymore."

"Everybody is willing to be open and talk about it and discuss it," said parent Diann Dorsey. "So, you feel like, 'Hey, you know, we can do this.'"

There are various courses and topics in both English and Spanish. The Secrets of Modern Parenting course begins Feb. 20. Click here for more information.

It is absolutely 100 percent FREE for all who wish to attend. Workshops are held at Old Fort Pierce Athletic League located at 903 S. 21st Street in Fort Pierce.