Evan Cramer interview with detectives released

Posted: 7:07 PM, Oct 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-25 23:07:59Z

He’s accused of negotiating oral sex in exchange for not taking his alleged victim to jail. And now, we’re hearing the former St. Lucie County sheriff's deputy tells his side of the story.

The state has released recorded interviews with Evan Cramer, one from the day he was arrested.

“I’d like to know what I’m being accused of,” asked Cramer at the beginning of the January interview with detectives.

Cramer, who was a deputy at the time, comes off as confused as to why he’s being read his Miranda Rights and why detectives are asking him about one woman in particular.

“That name that you stated, yes I know who she is. I stopped her for a bike stop.”

Cramer told detectives in the interview that the woman admitted to having warrants out for her arrest. However, instead of taking her to jail he admits he broke the rules.

“I decided to use discretion. I’m trying to go towards SIU, so I said can you find me some dope,” said Cramer.

However, investigators didn’t care about that. They're trying to determine whether he broke the law.

“There’s allegations from her about inappropriate touching in a sense,” said one of the detectives during the interview.

Those allegations are that Cramer negotiated sex acts in exchange for not taking the woman
to jail.

“The only thing I did wrong was not call it out on the radio and send her off to make a drug deal without having somebody else there. That is the only thing I did wrong.”

When the detective asked whether there was any sexual contact, Cramer said, “there was no sexual contact.”

At the end of this interview, Cramer is arrested and booked into jail. That’s when detectives do one last interview, confronting him with physical evidence that exists.

“I’m telling you, that person did not wash any clothing. Didn’t wash any body part. Didn’t do anything and we gathered evidence,” said the detective.

However, Cramer didn’t comment on that.

Cramer has now been charged for similar crimes with at least 2 other victims.
At a hearing back in August, Cramer’s defense attorneys questioned whether law enforcement read Cramer all of his right as a deputy.

Cramer has been behind bars since the January arrest.