Authorities comb Fort Pierce home of Orlando nightclub shooter

Posted at 9:14 AM, Jun 13, 2016

Local and federal authorities cleared the area in Fort Pierce on Monday where Orlando shooter Omar Mateen lived.

On Sunday, investigators spent hours inside his Woodland Condominiums home, located on South 17th Street, gathering evidence to help determine a motive for the shooting.

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Outside the Woodland Condominiums, investigators left a car that an acquaintance identified as that of the shooter.

Aurelia Kennedy, a resident of the condos, says Mateen's car has Marine stickers.

Kennedy didn't know if he was a Marine but said he seemed to be very patriotic and even saluted her when he saw her on Memorial Day.

The tan Toyota Camry parked outside the condos has Marine stickers on it.  There are evidence tags sealing the doors and inside there is an official document from the Department of Justice and FBI.

The document lists Mateen's name and the items taken from inside. The FBI hasn't confirmed to WPTV that this is Mateen's car or if the car was left intentionally or accidentally.

Although neighbors were allowed to return to their homes around midnight Monday, many returned later that morning.

"It's scary scary to think this guy was security guard at a courthouse.  This guy was supposed to keep the terrorists away from us right.  It's a little strange," said neighbor John Womack.

"He's very quiet. I've seen him a couple times never really said much to him," resident Jason Beers said. "That was kinda odd because I said everybody around here says, 'Good morning. How ya doing.' He never said anything."