Celebrity among those who helped with bee swarm

Posted at 6:27 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 04:20:30-05

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- After months of dealing with a bee infestation underneath her home, Kathy Shampo is finally feeling some relief.

A colony of 20,000 swarmed underneath her trailer in Fort Pierce, and some were even making their way up into her kitchen.

She called NewsChannel 5 when she didn't know where else to turn. After telling her story, dozens of people who were watching reached out to help. Many called and emailed the newsroom, and several even reached out to a local beekeeper.

Al Salopek, who runs the Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association says he hadn't seen the story himself, but quickly learned what was going on.

"People that know of my work were calling me all this morning saying did you see the news? There's a woman in fort pierce that has a problem," Salopek said.

He removes bees and relocates them, saying they're a vital part of the ecosystem that shouldn't be killed. The bees removed from Shampo's home are being taken to his bee farm in Wellington, where they'll produce honey commercially.

"I've been trying six months to find somebody who would do this and care," Shampo said as Salopek and his crew removed the bees. "All the calls that came in, it's wonderful. It's wonderful people really do care."

As she watched the removal, Shampo got another surprise. Actor Tony Danza had been watching the night before when her story aired, and an email was sent to NewsChannel 5 saying he wants to help. A spokesperson for Danza says he plans to mail a donation to Shampo.

In tears, she said the money would help her afford to hire pest control to spray, paint and make sure the bees don't return.