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Women involved in Boynton aggravated battery with a motor vehicle have histories of domestic battery

Posted: 3:53 PM, Apr 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-22 03:20:30Z
Pair in I-95 incident have domestic battery past
Pair in I-95 incident have domestic battery past
Pair in I-95 incident have domestic battery past

UPDATE: Saturday 11:11 a.m.

LiShell Jacobs made her first appearance in court Saturday morning.  She is accused of intentionally hitting her girlfriend with her car. Saturday, after Florida Highway Patrol investigators read Miranda rights to Jacobs she waived her rights to consult an attorney. 

Jacobs told investigators that she had lied about what took place and she panicked and fled the scene after striking Edwards and hearing her scream.

Earlier this week, state troopers towed away Jacobs' car from the accident site.  The car was found with dents and blood splatters.

Saturday morning the judge set bond for Jacobs at $100,000 for the aggravated battery charge. Jacobs also faces a charge for driving with a suspended license while causing serious injury. The bond on that charge is set at $5,000.

Jacobs was in a wheel chair when she appeared for the judge. Her defense attorney explained to the court that Jacobs is pregnant and due in June.

“Every relationship has its ups and downs, but not like this. You know what i’m saying. I don’t wish this on no body,” said Dominique Edwards, Ericka’s sister.

She told News Channel 5 after court that her sister is still fighting for her life. The violent encounter left Edwards with 2 broken hips, a broken pelvis and a serious injury to the back of her head and should.

“They keep her real sedated because the wound is still open right now. So they try to keep her as calm as possible. And she actually woke up and she kept asking is she going to die. Is she going to die. She just want to know is she going to die.”


Did a woman let her girlfriend out of a moving car and then run her over? The Florida Highway Patrol has not confirmed the driver’s identity, but the woman told WPTV NewsChannel 5 she did not intentionally run over her girlfriend, Ericka Edwards. LiShell Jacobs said instead, Edwards jumped out of her moving car. 

The victim’s sister said Ericka Edwards is fighting for her life at Delray Beach Medical Center. She claims that her sister got out of Jacobs' car and Jacobs intentionally ran over her sister at the southbound exit ramp of Gateway Blvd on I-95. 

“As my sister got out of the car, she came back and run her over and left her,” said Dominique Edwards, the victim's sister.

Dominique Edwards claims her sister returned from Connecticut where she went to a Jerry Springer taping. Dominique Edwards said Jacobs was upset with Ericka Edwards the entire time she was out of town. 

“They was going through it on Facebook and stuff and then she kind of tricked my sister into getting in the car with her,” said Dominique Edwards.

Florida Highway Patrol says the aggravated battery was intentional and they are searching for the person responsible. We looked into the criminal histories of Ericka Edwards and LiShell Jacobs and found that both have been charged with domestic battery in the past. 

Ericka Edwards was charged in June 2016 with burglary while armed. The police report said Ericka Edwards entered her ex-girlfriend LiShell Jacobs’ home, who is now her girlfriend, and cut the woman’s boyfriend with a knife. The girlfriend told police Ericka Edwards was jealous that she was in another relationship. The state did not file charges. Before that, in April 2016, the girlfriend said Ericka Edwards punched her in the face. Ericka Edwards was arrested for simple battery, but the charge was not filed. 

In 2014, Ericka Edwards was arrested in June for allegedly threatening an ex-girlfriend with a knife and then in August for allegedly physically fighting with an ex-girlfriend.  

LiShell Jacobs also has a history of domestic battery. In February 2017 she was arrested for punching a fellow employee at Dunkin' Donuts in the face. She was adjudicated guilty. In September 2016, she spent two days in jail for punching and slapping her cousin over a water bill dispute. She was adjudicated guilty. In 2015, a former girlfriend filed an injunction against her because of dating violence, but the judge denied it saying there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegation. 

Florida Highway Patrol has not named LiShell Jacobs as a suspect and Jacobs is not in custody. She told WPTV over the phone that the entire incident was tragic, but she did not hit her girlfriend intentionally.

"I wish that her family would stop with the lies," LiShell Jacobs said over the phone. LiShell Jacobs claims Ericka Edwards was on the phone with a cousin and was saying she was going to jump out of the car. 

Dominique Edwards said her sister is fighting for her life on a breathing machine at Delray Beach Medical Center.

“Her skull is cracked in the back, her shoulders gone, both of her hip bones broken,” said Dominique Edwards.