Scooter thief caught on camera in West Boynton

Posted at 4:30 AM, Feb 25, 2016

A serial scooter thief may be at it again in southern Palm Beach County.

A West Boynton Beach woman says her son’s scooter was stolen right off her property, and a man was caught on camera swiping the vehicle.

The theft occurred at 4:50 a.m. Wednesday in a neighborhood on Boynton Beach Boulevard near Jog Road.

Their surveillance video showed a shirtless man with a hat and his shirt over his head stealing the vehicle.

A few months ago Delray Beach police were warning residents of a new trend: thieves targeting scooters.

In most cases the vehicles were stolen right from people's driveways. Police say scooters are attractive to thieves because they can be easier to steal than trucks or cars.

Homeowner Irene Wimbrow said the theft makes her feel violated.

"My son drives from here to Boca Raton every day to go to school, to go to work.  He's a hard-working kid, does everything he can, now someone took his scooter. He can't even get to school can or work," said Wimbrow.

Owners are advised to lock the ignition so thieves can't easily push the scooter away. Also, they should chain the front tire to a light pole or buy an alarm.