Florida Department of Transportation says I-95 interchange projects on track for 2017 completion

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jan 19, 2017

It's the unfortunate irony of I-95 construction in Palm Beach County.

The attempt to bring traffic relief to drivers causing...traffic.

“It's always backed up you can't get on 95 either north or south,” driver Ray Peterson says.

Several interchanges on I-95 have been undergoing an extreme makeover - some of them since 2015.

2017 is the target completion date for the projects - including projects at Hypoluxo Road, Woolbright Road and the Spanish River Interchange in Boca.

“We are widening roads on the overpass as well as on the exit and transfer ramps, so this will alleviate congestion and backup,” says Andrea Pacini, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Transportation.

The DOT says everything is on schedule.

The Hypoluxo and Woolbright projects set to be done in the summer - even though the DOT stopped work on the project for several days during the 2016 holiday season.

The Spanish River project is on track for fall...for now.

“That date will most likely be extended with the weather and holidays as we go throughout the year,” Pacini says.

The end goal of all this work is a smoother commute.

But some drivers wonder if that day is coming anytime soon.

“It is very frustrating,” Peterson says. “You figure it should be done already.”

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