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Delray Beach swimming advisory lifted

Posted at 2:29 PM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 09:41:41-05

UPDATE: Delray Beach says the swimming advisory that had been posted has been lifted. It was in effect after testing revealed poor water quality.

“We believe the original [poor water quality] test result was caused by recent rain and rough surf. Testing that is immediately done after rainfall, generally show temporary elevated bacteria levels. It’s likely the turbulent water also included particles from the bottom of the ocean”, Delray Beach Ocean Rescue Division Chief Phil Wotton said in a statement. “Our water quality is normally satisfactory.”


Swimming is off limits at Delray Beach municipal beaches until further notice, the city announced Thursday afternoon.

It said it made the decision after elevated bacterial levels were discovered in the water and a health advisory was posted by the Palm Beach County Health Department.

Although swimming is prohibited, the beach area remains open to the public.

More water samples are expected to be taken Thursday and retested.

The city posted the following information for residents:

How will I know if it's safe to swim?

There are several ways to determine whether it's safe to swim:

Check our ‘Beach’ webpage at or to hear a recorded report of the beach conditions, please call (561) 27-BEACH (272-3224).

Beach water quality for Palm Beach County and throughout the state can be found on the Department of Health’s Internet Beach Water Quality website (, click on the drop down arrow next to “Choose Subject” and then select “Beach Water Quality”).

Look for any advisory signs to be posted at the beach entrance. If there are none posted, this will indicate that this beach is open for recreation. Please note that
absence of an advisory sign does not necessarily mean that advisory has been completely lifted.

Double red flags are posted at the entrance of the beach indicating a "no swimming" advisory.

Contact your local health official. A health official will be able to inform you whether a beach advisory has been posted at the beach you plan to visit.
A Poor rating may result in a re-sampling event to confirm poor conditions; otherwise a Health Advisory will be issued immediately.