Social media solves three crimes in Palm Beach County

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jun 24, 2016

Three different crimes in Palm Beach County this week were solved by help from social media. It's a tool law enforcement say continues to be an asset moving forward.

Delray Beach Police needed help solving a robbery, so they went to Facebook and a day later someone came forward.

"Definitely felt obligated to do it and somebody doing that, they shouldn't be running the streets."

NIck Hedges says it was the right thing to do. He immediately recognized his friend Connor L'Hommodieu who Delray Beach Police say robbed a Mobil Gas Station.

"Looked up the Facebook and I identified Connor," says Hedges.

Boca Raton Police say a twitter post helped bring in an armed robbery suspect. Social media also tipped off PBSO to a lottery ticket thief.

Dani Moschella with Delray Beach Police says social media is key.

"The public like we've said for years are our eyes and ears and this just gives them a tool."

Meanwhile Nick is just glad to get another criminal off the streets.

"Appreciate if somebody else did the same thing for me because you don't know what the next step he's going to do."