Investigation of HS pep rally fire completed

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 07, 2016

The Palm Beach County School District announced today it’s completed its investigation into a March pep rally where a fire performance went terribly wrong.

The performer accidentally set himself on fire as about 2,000 students watched.

While the investigation is complete, it won’t become public record for another ten days. A spokesperson tells NewsChannel 5 first the district will share the findings with the people involved.

It all centers around a performance by Inferno’s Challenge on March 17 inside the Atlantic Community High School gym in Delray Beach.

Ricky Charles, the performer breathing fire, set himself on fire.

Several ambulances and fire trucks responded. Seven students were rushed to area hospitals, but all were released shortly after.

The next day, Charles apologized, saying he used the wrong flammable liquid.

“I take full responsibility. I should have practiced, I didn't practice,” he admitted.

That didn't stop OSHA from investigating. The school district launched an investigation of its own, saying fire is prohibited on campuses.

Two weeks ago, OSHA announced its findings: no citations and no fines issued. But the agency did require Inferno's Challenge to submit a plan to prevent this from happening again.

Last week, NewsChannel 5 obtained reports from the State Fire Marshal and Delray Beach Fire Rescue which both ruled the incident an “accident.”

A school district spokesman said possible action from the district's investigation could range from those involved being cleared of any wrongdoing, to someone getting fired.