Palm Beach County republicans focus on issues, not Clinton's emails

Trump supporters target early voters
Posted at 7:43 PM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 19:43:41-04

With flyers in hand, Sara Bernard will talk to anyone she can about Donald Trump. 

“He’s a strong strong man,” said the Haitian native living in Boca Raton. “Everything that is impossible for somebody else, is possible for him.”

The main strategy for the Republican party in Palm Beach County is to talk with voters right before they cast their ballots. But Trump supporters, like local GOP Chair Michael Barnett, aren't talking about Hillary Clinton's latest email scandal.  

“We’ll sit back and let Hillary self-destruct,” Barnett said. “The media is paying enough attention to her scandal without us having to do anything to help.”

He admitted the FBI’s big announcement on Friday helps Trump, his poll numbers went up over the weekend. But the party would rather focus on issues Trump is behind like the economy, security and picking Supreme Court justices. 

“If we don't have the Supreme Court, we don't have America anymore,” said Trump supporter Theresa Poochigian. 

Barnett added the latest strategy for Republicans is to talk with early voters at polling locations and advertise in minority-owned media outlets. 

“Donald Trump is not taking anyone's vote for granted, not black, white, Hispanic and nobody's vote is too important to reach out to and grab,” Barnett said.

He's confident the issues will convince voters Trump is the correct choice. 

“This is bad for Hillary, and it has helped Trump, that's a good thing for Trump, but it's really a sad state of affairs,” Barnett said to the fact the FBI is investigating a presidential nominee.

Jeff Coffman voted for Trump Monday. He said Clinton’s emails only played a small role in his decision. 

“I think the FBI has an ongoing investigation and I don't think they're done,” he said. “And I think she's crooked as crooked can be.”