Students from St. Paul's Day School in Delray Beach honor fallen Officer Christine Braswell

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - In the wake of the Delray Beach Police Department losing one of its finest, the community has rallied together to provide healing.

On Thursday, it was some of the youngest members of our community stepping up.

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With flowers gripped tightly in their little hands, a group of 3- and 4-year-olds from St. Paul's Day School walked to Delray Beach police headquarters.


The kids placed a card at the memorial set up for Officer Christine Braswell, who was killed in an off duty accident in Key West.

One by one, they placed flowers on the ground.

Detective Adrian Rackauskas was there to greet the kids as they paid their respects.

“She was a big part of our department, a lot of people are hurting, and this all helps,” he says. “Every little bit helps.”

“It just goes to show you what the community thinks…and how well respected and how loved she was within the community here,” says Sgt. Richard Jacobson. “It was very touching.”

Meanwhile, NewsChannel 5 is being told that Delray Beach police officer Bernenda Marc, who was riding with Braswell, could be coming home.

Doctors ran tests on her on Thursday, and if the results are positive, they may soon transfer Marc to Delray Medical Center.

We're told Officer Marc is doing well and her spirits are high.


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