Lost check written out to cash found and returned by Delray Beach Chipotle cashier

Story going viral on Facebook
Posted at 7:22 PM, Sep 29, 2016

Rools Consiellent’s phone won’t stop buzzing. Messages are coming from Haiti, and comments from Brazil. All because he did what we’ve come to expect less and less.

The 19-year-old is a cashier at the Chipotle on Linton Blvd. Wednesday, someone dropped a check made out to cash worth $2,100.

“It’s something that someone else worked hard for. I wanted to help the person find the money they lost. It was the right thing to do,” Consiellent said.

So after his shift, he tracked down the person who wrote the check.

“The guy came here, this kid, showed me the check. We were absolutely amazed,” remembered Alex Rodrigues.

He and his wife were in the middle of making dinner when Consiellent knocked on their door. Both were so happy someone else didn’t find the check and cash it for themselves.

So they took a picture of Consiellent and shared the story on Facebook.

“What we wanted is a way to praise him, to show there are really nice people in this world,” explained Rodrigues.

The post has more than 200 shares, including one from the Delray Beach Police Department saying Consiellent’s honesty would make for a good police officer.

Consiellent gives the credit to his mother for teaching him right from wrong.

“It's the way my mom raised me,” he said. “If you see something that isn’t yours, give it back.”

His managers at the restaurant said they’re not surprised he tracked down the check’s rightful owner.

“It’s just something that he would do,” said Ariel Levit. “I was not surprised when I heard that because Rools is just a great guy like that.”

Chipotle said honesty is one of the company’s core qualities and is happy Consiellent exhibited that quality. 

“It made my week, I’m going to think of this 20 years from now,” Consiellent said.

While he didn’t expect this kind of attention, he hopes it shows other teenagers doing the right thing is rewarding.

“It made me feel good, I started having chills and I started tearing up,” he admitted.

Consiellent is studying biology and nursing at Palm Beach State College. He’s considering medical school after he graduates..