Local company keeps up with erosion threatening homes near lakes, canals

Posted at 12:02 AM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 04:16:53-05

We're no strangers to erosion here in Florida - look no further than our beaches for example.

But one type of a erosion is causing headaches for homeowners and leaving expert searching for solutions.
Brian Fischer says shoreline erosion on lakes and canals threatens your safety and your wallet.
Now his company Lake and Wetland Management is turning back the clock. 
“What I try to do help educate the homeowners associations and the property managers and golf course superintendents on best management practices,” he says.
The erosion, caused by fluctuating water levels, can lead to a variety of issues - from algae to flooding to plunging property values. 
“We have properties where the erosion is right up to their back doorstep,” Fischer says.  
Armed with cutting edge technology, the company uses sediment from the lake or canal to build new foundation. 
“We’re going ahead and reclaiming about 3 feet of lost land, creating stability,” he says.
It takes away that danger, creating a shoreline that will last - and allowing homeowners to take back their backyards. 
“Yeah, I'll go out of my screen porch now, resident Barbara Sugarman says. “I won't be afraid.” 

For more info on Lake and Wetland Management, visit here.