King tide hits Delray Beach homeowners

Posted: 11:36 PM, Oct 13, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-14 09:22:06-04

As terrifying as the sight may be for anyone who doesn't live on Marine Way in Delray Beach, Iris Frohman expects it.

"Moving quite quickly."

High tide came in Thursday evening and it didn't hold back. Water reached her front door.

"It's a mess every year. It's a mess," says Frohman.

The king tide has hit South Florida mixed with swell from Hurricane Nicole. That could mean trouble this weekend so Clair Johnson is prepping his home with sandbags.

"Monday comes, I'm going to have to put a tarp down," says Johnson. "This whole street will be covered to my knees."

He says it gets worse every year and every year nothing gets done with the seawall.

City Commissioner Shelly Petrolia has been fighting to address this. She says the city has installed new valves on drains, but seawalls remain unchanged. We asked her why her colleagues aren't taking action.

"Probably because it's not affecting enough people to make enough noise and so the concern is not out there yet," said Petrolia. 

City Vice Mayor Al Jacquet says he plans to address the issue once he returns from Haiti.