Festivus pole is back in Delray Beach after theft

Activists re-install pole at Old School Square
Posted at 7:10 PM, Dec 13, 2016

It’s back! First amendment activists re-installed their anti-Trump “Festivus” pole in Delray Beach Tuesday.

They reported the pole stolen last week, just a few days after installing it.

Chaz Stevens said the pole symbolizes his view of the country in distress since electing Donald Trump president.

“We’re allowed to air our grievances, are we not? It’s in the constitution. We may have forgotten about the constitution here during the Trump administration, but not us,” Stevens said.

He has a history of pushing first amendment boundaries during the holiday season by asking cities for permission to install Festivus poles next to nativity scenes and menorahs. He argued if the city allows one viewpoint on public property, it has to allow them all.

The original pole included an upside down flag wrapped around the 5ft pole. That is a symbol of distress. This time, Stevens used a Trump flag instead of an American flag to decorate the pole.

The pole is west of Delray’s 100-foot tall Christmas tree in Old School Square.

Stevens modeled the “Festivus” pole off a fake holiday from the Seinfeld TV show.