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EXCLUSIVE: Interview by police with driver in deadly Key West crash that killed off-duty officer

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 18:50:42-04

The Monroe County State Attorney has released around three hours worth of video from the crash that killed Delray Beach Police Officer Christine Braswell on April 8. 

The footage was released as part of the state's discovery and includes surveillance footage as well as footage from dash cameras and body cameras of responding officers. 

NewsChannel 5 has decided against showing the surveillance footage due to the graphic nature. 

In the body camera footage of an investigating officer, Lacy Morris can be seen sitting outside of a nearby gas station crying uncontrollably. 

“Oh my God," Morris said under tears. "I hope they (Braswell and Marc) are OK.” 

Morris told officers she drove her Nissan, with her boyfriend in it, to the gas station to get some fried chicken. As she was turning into the gas station, her car collided with the scooter driven by Braswell and Marc.

“I was about to turn," Morris said. "I was turning slow but I guess they couldn’t stop and we collided. It all happened so fast.”

An interview with Morris's passenger is also part of the newly-released footage. “She took the light and they were coming this way (the scooter with Braswell and Marc) and they were flying,” the passenger said. "(Morris) put her signal on and was about to turn into there and then the bike, he was coming fast, and then it lost control and went straight into the car.”

The passenger was not asked for a field sobriety test since he was not driving. 

During the interview, Morris continued to break down crying. At one point the officer told her that he had smelled alcohol on her and asked her if she had been drinking. She responded saying that she had one drink about six hours prior to the crash.

When the officer asked her for a field sobriety test, Morris refused. The officer then got a search warrant to draw Morris's blood. 

“So I have no choice?" Morris asked. 

“No choice,” the officer responded.

The footage then shows Morris hours later, getting into an ambulance where her blood is being taken. 

Morris's blood alcohol level was .17, which is more than twice the legal limit. She also had cocaine and marijuana in her system, according to the blood test. 

Morris remains in a Monroe County jail on a $170,000 bond on DUI manslaughter and other charges. Her attorney has filed a motion to reduce bond, which will be heard by a judge later this month.