Delray Beach residents want massive hole in the ground fixed immediately

Residents blame FPL for damage
Posted at 6:23 PM, Dec 28, 2016
Residents at Bonaire Village Condos in Delray Beach couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the ground near the sidewalk suddenly give in.
“Out of nowhere it just dropped down about 10 feet,” said resident Ray Hoeppner.
Officials with the condo association hired a company to investigate what caused the hole in the ground. The company sent down a camera and found that the storm drain lines had been cut.
"Florida Power and Light had done some work in the area a few weeks ago so we contacted them," said Aaron Rosenberg, head of treasury for Bonaire village Condo Associates.
Residents in the 55+ community are worried about the safety risks with the massive hole in the ground. 
“It’s a trip and fall hazard," Hoeppner said. 
The power company said they had hired a subcontractor, A.R.E., to install new underground lines. A.R.E. then sent a letter to Rosenberg saying that they "feel badly" about cutting the unmarked drain line and said they would assist in mitigating the involved damage.
A.R.E. said they would provide the crews and and equipment needed for the repairs. However, since the drain was not marked, the subcontractor will not be paying for the materials needed for the drain line repair work.
“It’s a big expense," Rosenberg said.
Residents think FPL and A.R.E. should pay for the repairs. 
“I think whoever is responsible should take care of it," said Joby Specht. 
Bonaire Village residents want the 10-12 foot hole fixed and they want it to be fixed fast. 
“If this issue is not addressed it will just expand," Hoeppner said. 
A FPL spokesperson told NewsChannel 5 they're sorry for the inconvenience it might be causing residents in the area and they're working with A.R.E. to resolve the issue as fast as possible.