Delray Beach residents cleaning up after...

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-28 20:11:27-05

A tornado plowed through a Delray Beach neighborhood this morning, leaving a mess behind in residents' backyards. Derrick Philips said, "I was in my bedroom watching tv and I heard this big roar."

Derrick though he would have a relaxing morning, instead he found himself taking cover.

"And I looked out and just saw blackness. Then I heard a tree snap and I panicked and ran and hid in the closet."

When that tree fell, it hit the fence.

The tree is so large it ended up in the neighbors pool, breaking through the screen enclosure.

Resident Grace Level wasn't home at the time. When she did get home, she saw a mess - a tree partially in her pool and her screen enclosure twisted. She said, "We went to the Mall walking and came home to this. We saw the police on Congress then we thought let's go down Lake Ida, to go down another direction. Then we come down our street and say wait a minute."

Grace is thankful no one was hurt. So is Derrick.

"I thank God that everything is ok. Because like I said it could have gone the other way.

I don't know how strong the structure is, but I'm pretty proud of the structure because it stood.'