Delray Beach police create video to remind you to lock your car doors

At least 17 unlocked cars burglarized this month
Posted at 9:20 PM, Sep 21, 2016

Police in Delray Beach have a new strategy to remind you to lock your car doors. The department posted a video on Facebook today showing officers pulling on car door handles at an apartment complex. Instead of stealing anything, officers left flyers advising car owners to lock their doors. 

Ana Puente learned that lesson the hard way. The Delray Beach woman said she locks her doors after someone broke into her car about two years ago.

So she was very surprised when she opened her car door this morning. Her two-year-old's brand new shoes and paperwork were gone, stolen.

“It’s horrible, you feel violated,” explained Puente.

She swears she locked her car door last night.  

Lieutenant Nicole Guerriero said people who leave their doors unlocked make themselves targets and thieves are taking advantage.

Delray Beach police responded to at least 17 burglaries to unlocked cars this month.

“That's a scary statistic for us,” Guerriero said. 

Her squad came up with the idea to make the video and post in on Facebook. Previously, the department had hung flyers on door knobs around the city and put other reminders on social media.

“We have our slogan, ‘Lock your doors to keep what's yours.’ This was a reminder to our community,” Guerriero said.

The video is all the reassurance drivers like Emma Gaines need to continue locking their doors.

“I click the little button and it honks and I’m like ok, I’m good,” Gaines said.

Puente hopes the message saves others from becoming victims.