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Delray Beach police arrest ten more suspected heroin dealers in Operation Street Sweeper

Posted at 7:46 PM, May 18, 2017

The number of Delray Beach heroin dealers behind bars continues to grow. The police department announced officers arrested 10 suspected dealers Wednesday as part of Operation Street Sweeper.

Undercover officers running the operation since April 2016 have now issued arrest warrants for a total of 55 dealers. Most of which are under arrest, officers continue to search for others.

Chief Jeff Goldman said most of the suspected dealers are from Delray Beach. He believes they target addicts who are seeking treatment in the area.

“They’re trying to get healthy, that’s not working, then you have this other group that is preying on that group saying, ‘They’re here in my community and we’re going to go sell them drugs because we know they want them.’ So it is frustrating,” Goldman said.

While the number of arrests goes up, the number of overdoses isn’t going down.

Goldman admitted May 2017 is on pace to set a record for the month with the most overdoses. Already officers have responded to 49 overdoses, six of which turned fatal.

He said his department understands arrests alone won’t solve the heroin problem. He follows a three step approach of enforcement, education and life-saving measures.

Police believe the six fatalities were likely caused by dealers mixing a stronger narcotic, fentanyl, with the heroin they sold.