Delray Beach non-profit collecting supplies for Haiti

Posted at 5:44 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 17:45:43-04

The news out of Haiti continues to worsen. The estimates are close to two million people need aid and fast. Several South Florida organizations and churches are collecting donations and supplies to help the island nation.

“Our country has been through more thick than thin with hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis,” said 17-year-old Ruthnie Auguste, of Atlantic Community High School.

Ruthnie started the drive at the KOP Mentoring Network, a non-profit that provides mentoring and social services for kids in Delray Beach.

Piles of clothes, boxes and cases of drinks are ready to be shipped to Haiti.

“We're very sensitive about our people and our family and everyone down there,” said Ruthnie. “And we knew most of them wouldn't survive the storm because the houses are not really built to help them survive for this storm.

”Hurricane Matthew battered Haiti destroying homes, water supplies and knocking out power. Tens of thousands of people have nowhere to go.

“Word that we're getting is they have no food and these people have lost everything,” said C. Ron Allen, the CEO of KOP Mentoring Network.

Many of the students the organization helps are of Haitian descent. They’re asking for toiletries, school supplies and canned goods.

“I would say we're survivors because even though in the world we're basically the poorest country, and I really feel like we're just strong people,” explained Ruthnie.

In Palm Beach Gardens, Christ Fellowship Church is asking for monetary donations for Haiti.

“Many of us don't have the resources, capabilities to go on the ground to provide relief efforts to the people in need,” said Becky Kyle, the director of life missions at Christ Fellowship Church.

“By donating, we're able to send that money to the people on the ground.” Ruthnie, added, “Helping somebody else can make a difference, even if you help one person, it makes a whole difference.”

You can help and drop off donations at the KOP Mentoring Network, Trailer 5, 1500 SW 6th Street, Delray Beach. Before you come, call (561) 321-2115.