Delray Beach neighborhood fed up with trash, litter

Posted at 6:44 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-13 18:44:57-04

Garbage, debris and trash is next to sidewalks. That’s got people living in one local neighborhood fed up.

Plastic bottles, food containers, wrappers and glass are in several grassy medians that don’t lead to the local landfill.

That garbage is near the intersection of Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest 2nd Street in Delray Beach.

“There's garbage all around,” said Robyn Zimmerman, who’s lived on Southwest 1st Street for three years. “There's glass everywhere there's needles. I can't stand it. It makes me want to move out of this town.”

Her dog, Angel, won't even walk the streets.

“I actually have to drive my car over to the library and then get out and walk my dog,” explained Zimmerman.

And in front of the Delray Beach Children's Garden, co-founder Jeannie Fernsworth does more than just care for the flowers and plants.

“I'm out here every single day with children picking up trash,” explained Fernsworth.

But just a block away the grass is clean by the courthouse because it’s government property. People living there want something done.

“I've called the city numerous times,” explained Zimmerman. “They said they'd go out and check it out. They've never done anything.”

Delray Beach leaders told us it's the home-owners responsibility to clean the medians in front of their property. But after we took those concerns to the city, code enforcement told us warnings will be issued.

“I would like for the city to be cleaned up in this area, where I live, and everyone else I've spoken to wants the same thing,” said Zimmerman.

To combat the problem, the city also told us they’re starting a cleaning initiative across the city.

If you see trash and litter, you can report the problem on the webpage

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