Delray Beach first responders to hand out info card to overdose patients

Today is international Overdose Awareness Day
Posted at 6:53 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 18:54:42-04

There’s a new approach to helping people who overdose in Delray Beach.

Starting today, first responders will pass out pamphlets from the Delray Beach Drug Task Force to people they rescue from an overdose. The handout includes information on where drug users can go for help.

Organizers said this isn’t the ultimate solution, but they believe it can make a difference.

“Maybe someone will get benefit from it, maybe someone will be taken off the streets and find a place that they can have a chance at sobriety,” said Suzanne Spencer, executive director of the task force. “If this little card holds that, I’m ok with that.”

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. This year, Delray Beach is seeing a record number of overdoses; mostly related to heroin.