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Delray Beach doctor creates Facebook page in search of kidney donor

Posted at 12:52 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 05:07:36-04

We often think of our doctors as the perfect picture of health. But a Delray Beach doctor admits that is not the case, and he needs your help.

Dr. Stuart Himmelstein has a rare form of kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant. 

When he was first diagnosed, he said, "It takes a lot of processing to do, you know, 'Oh my gosh how is this happening.'" 

He adds, "When we were in medical training, we sort of had a saying the last thing you wanted to be was the interesting case, and it took me a while to let it settle in that I was the interesting case."

He has end stage renal disease and hooks up to a dialysis machine for eight hours every night.

"I know that eventually on dialysis, without my own kidneys, it's only time before I start to deteriorate," said Himmelstein.

Right now he said he is functioning and surviving, but does not have the energy and endurance that he used to have.

After years on the deceased donor transplant list with thousands of others, Himmelstein decided to take matters into his own hands to find a living kidney donor.

He created a Facebook page titled "New Kidney for Stu."

Himmelstein said he has received a few inquiries on the page, but no one who is a match.

"If I get my kidney sooner, I'm healthier sooner, I'm more functional and I can continue to help others, so it's not just helping me, it's passing it down the line," said Himmelstein.

His Delray Medical Center colleague Mary Milchikier knows the feeling. She donated a kidney to her brother-in-law in 2006.

"I wish I had two more kidneys to give, I would give one to , Dr. Himmelstein," said Milchikier.

The physician who spends his time saving lives now hopes someone will step forward and help save his.

"It is a blessing, there are walking angels out there," said Himmelstein.

You can call the Mayo Clinic at 866-227-1569 or Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston by calling 954-659-6750.  When you call one of those transplant centers, please specify that you are calling with interest in donating for Stuart Himmelstein. His blood type is O. You can also visit