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Delray Beach city leaders look to raise sea walls to protect homeowners against rising sea levels

Posted at 9:25 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 23:57:04-04

Rising sea levels have plagued homeowners in Delray Beach for years.

Newschannel 5 has learned city leaders are now in the process of giving these residents some much needed relief.

On Marine Way in Delray Beach, people like Siegfried Horn have been wondering when the sea walls would be raised to alleviate king tide impacts on dozens of homes.

"Sea levels are rising and Florida is sinking," says Horn.

Turns out the impacts could be worse in the years to come. A new report shows the Arctic is warming too fast.

Scientists have estimated sea levels to rise as much as 2 feet by 2060, but this study could force researchers to revise those projections.

Principal Engineer for Delray Beach Isaac Covner says the city is now making moves on preparing for that worst-case scenario.

Covner told homeowners the city is planning to spend $585,000 to raise Veteran Park's sea walls by 20 inches which if calculations are correct would be good for 25-30 years.

"After that 25-30 years if we feel the need to raise it like an additional 16 inches we have the ability to dial into the existing cap and raise another wall an additional 16 inches and we get a full 36 inches on the wall that's going to be good for another 75 to 100 years," says Covner.

As for Marine Way, city leaders are in the process of securing construction bids to improve the sea walls there, but could not give Newschannel 5 any other information.

Still good news for people in Delray, as city and county leaders across Palm Beach County prepare for what's to come.