Delray City Commission to discuss rising water

Posted at 8:04 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 20:04:56-05

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- King Tide season is over but it left its mark. Tonight the Delray Beach City Commission will discuss three issues related to the rising water.

“It's quite an experience we have,” explained Marine Way resident Iris Frohman. “The high tide coming over the dock, on our lawn and occasionally in our house.”

Frohman has lived on the flood prone street for four years and says even with the rising water she doesn't plan to move.

“We put our boots on and we just deal with it because it's certainly worth it to live right in this area,” Frohman said.

Tonight city workers are asking for an emergency motion to move a water main pipe on Marine Way, the street that gets the worst flooding in the city’s historic district  .

According to City of Delray Beach Environmental Services Director John Morgan, the water main relocation costs about $98,000. “That will be to move it from the east side of the road. It's buried under the part of the road that's failing and bringing it over to the western side of our right of way which will keep it away from the high tide and make it safer for future residents."

Delray Beach is also looking to commission a plan or design to fix a small sea wall and wants to install a flex valve to improve storm water draining. Climate Change and Sustainability Coordinator for Palm Beach County Natalie Schnieder says as sea level rise king tides will only increase in frequency and duration.

"You'll see them more often and they'll stay around a little longer," Schneider detailed. "They'll be higher than they would have been in the past."

Meaning residents like Frohman will likely have to continue to live with the rising water.

"Hopefully the flooding will get addressed and fixed but in the mean time we deal with it," Frohman said with a smile.