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Cutz and Conversation tackling mental health topics

Posted at 9:10 PM, Dec 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-01 21:34:23-05

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Friends and strangers sharing what's on their mind while customers get their hair cut and styled.

It might sound like an unusual place to meet, but for the owners of Upper Cutz Barbershop and Salon in Delray Beach, it makes sense.

People tend to talk to them when in the barber's chair.

"In the African American community we were taught to keep things to ourselves, not put it out there," said Co-owner Lashon Harris.

But in Cutz and Conversation sessions, people can speak freely.

"It's for the community to come in and be able to express some of the mental things that they are going through,” said Harris.


Meetings are held the last Thursday of every month and there's a men's group which meets on the last Monday of every month.

"It makes more people want to come because they know whatever they have talked about to us and the therapists, that it's not going to get out there, they have a safe place to go and talk."

Anyone can be a part of Cutz and Conversation.


Julia Sanna said as a therapist, she helps facilitate the meetings. And if someone needs individualized counseling, she's there to provide them resources. She says they talk about everything.

"Relationships, we talk about mental wellness, we talk about stress and anxiety, we talk about depression, we talk about parenting dynamics. Everybody is airing their views and they are not necessarily the same," said Sanna. "And that's the point being able to meet in a place where you can agree on some things, disagree on some things but you are hearing where the other person is coming from."

She adds it brings generations together.


"The most moving moments have been when the young men will speak up or even the young ladies and then we have older men in here who will answer and respond to them," said Sanna. "And sometimes the younger men will be so, why does your generation do this. Be open to taking care of your mental wellness. And don't let the stigma of the past or how we view mental health in the past stop you from seeking help."

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