YouTube video helps lead Boynton family to missing mom

Posted at 6:57 PM, Aug 02, 2016

Miles away from home, the prayers of one Boynton Beach family were answered.

"Seven billion people in this world, and I just found the one YouTube video that found my mom," says Evan Olsen.

Family members say 39-year-old Jaime Garlinghouse suffers from a mental disorder.

She disappeared last November, but was found just a few miles away. Then, it happened again.

"She's mentally not able to get the facts straight that she needs to come home and have help," says Jaime's mother Pat Garlinghouse.

Months went by.

Then in July, while browsing YouTube, Evan clicked on a video of popular YouTuber Brooke Roberts feeding the homeless in Los Angeles.

He and his father Eddie Olsen, who is Garlinghouse's ex partner, got the surprise of a lifetime

"He says Dad, Dad...I think I found mom! I can't believe it!" Eddie says.

It was Galinghouse, perched on a Los Angeles street corner.

"I zoomed in on it...I fast forwarded, I slowed down," Pat says. "I just couldn't believe I was seeing her."

The family worked with Roberts to track her down.

"I'm just so helpful I could help out Eddie, Jamie and their family," Brooke told us by phone. 

Just a few weeks ago, Garlinghouse was able to runite with Eddie

"If it wasn't for that video, I think she would not survive," Eddie says. "When I found her she had only the clothes she was wearing."

Now, a clip that lasted seconds will echo for a lifetime

"I miss my mom more than anything, and I really hope she can come home," Evan says.

Roberts has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family bring Garlinghouse home.