Woman hires pet detective to find dog

Posted at 5:14 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 17:21:58-05

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- Sandra Dezelan Axelband's 2-year-old English bulldog Freddy loves chasing cars. She was walking him six nights ago when a pickup truck with an open metal trailer caught his eye.

"He's deaf, so anytime he sees anything moving he goes after it," Axelband explained.

Freddy pulled so hard on his leash Axelband fell over, and then he took off running down Acme Dairy Road. Axelband hopped in the car to try to catch her dog.

"The back end of the car was fishtailing I was driving so fast," Axelband said.

But Freddy was gone. Axelband put up fliers, notified every shelter in South Florida, and has been in constant contact with Freddy's chip company. So far, there's no sign of Freddy. Now Axelband's trying something different. She's hired private investigator Jamie Katz who specializes in missing and lost pets.

"Freddy is an old English bulldog," Katz said about the case. "About 50 pounds, white, small, black freckles and Freddy is deaf."

Katz starts each case with a sign campaign before bringing out her two specially trained scent tracking dogs.

"Fletcher and Gable are both scent-specific tracking dogs. Fletcher is a terrier mix, gable is a Brittany spaniel," Katz said. "They're scent specific so I give them 100 percent scent article of the animal that's missing and they find the most recent scent trail."

In this case Freddy's blanket will be used, but Axelband is hoping someone has already seen Freddy.

"Please call me at 954-588-7045," Axelband pleaded. "I'll be there within seconds to get him."