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Boynton Beach residents complaining about mosquitoes

Posted at 7:35 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 19:35:55-04

Once upon a time, 15-year-old Sasha and her owner would walk at least five times a day. Now they're down to twice,  maybe.

Madeline Noguera said, "Well they just started coming out like crazy. It's horrible."

Madeline told NewsChannel 5 the mosquitoes in her West Boynton Beach neighborhood are unbearable.

"Every time I kill one, it has blood on it. It's gross and yes we are concerned, both for our pet and for ourselves," she said.

And Madeline is not alone. She and hundreds of others are fed up with the blood sucking creatures. Many calling and emailing the county's Mosquito Control Division.  Every 30 seconds they are answering a call or responding to what is usually an angry email. After all, it's not Mosquito Control's fault, as we got so much rain in the last week.

"Those flooded the depressions in the ground where the mosquitoes had been laying their eggs for the last six months during our dry season, so all of those are hatching out at once now and we are inundated by floodwater mosquitoes," said Chris Reisinger, Environmental Analyst with Mosquito Control.

Experts say it's best to stay indoors or use insect repellant, if outside. Aerial spraying on Tuesday could provide some relief.

"We will get our plane out and take care of everyone."