Local Muslims express concern about Trump's election

Posted at 11:51 PM, Nov 10, 2016

It’s statements like this, “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” from the now president-elect Donald Trump that have left a lingering fear of uncertainty in many Muslim communities.”

While Trump has walked back many of his statements about Muslims and immigration, they still had an impact on this Muslim-American teenagers like this Palm Beach County high schooler who didn’t want to be identified.
“My hijab has been pulled off. People have said boom, tick tock,” said the teen. 

That’s how the 15-year-old described just some of the bullying she’s experienced at school.

“I think him being a candidate just fueled the fire a little bit,” the teen said.

She says she’s been bullied most of her life over her religion, but this election cycle she says it got worse. 

 “I normally don’t let that stuff get to me but over the years hearing that stuff since you were little is very hard.”
That’s why so many in her community are left with a feeling of uncertainty now that the man making some of the statements will be president.

“The community is kind of terrified,” explained Mohamed Pazhoor who is on the board of the Alamin Center in Boynton Beach. That is the same Islamic Center that was vandalism less than a week before the election.

“We pray that they really did not mean that, those statements that they’re going to ban Muslim,” said Pazhoor.
Pazhoor hopes Trump will clarify the statements he’s made in the past about Islam and put fears of religious intolerance to rest. 
“We welcome President Donald Trump to make a statement that he’s friend of Muslims. We are friend of him, and we wish him all the best,” said Pazhoor.