Boynton Beach liquor store clerk's homicide remains unsolved a year later

Suspects identified by police, but not named
Posted at 7:45 AM, Nov 01, 2016

Boynton Beach police say they have identified suspects in the killing of a liquor store owner last year.

On Nov. 22, 2015, Ali Arezoumandifar, 79,was shot and killed at his store off Congress Avenue.Ali's family says he died while working the front register during his final shift just before retirement.

On Tuesday, police said investigators have identified suspects, but did not name them because they did not want to compromise their case.  

"They are from the South Florida area and are familiar with Boynton Beach," said Det. Marco Villari. "We will not rest until we catch them."

Arezoumandifar's oldest daughter Soheila Marchal attended an afternoon news conference to ask the public for help.

It's a story of a daughter’s anguish. Her family’s lives torn apart by someone with a gun.

"Last year has not been easy at all. So we are encouraging anybody with any information to please come forward so you can bring this justice," Marchal said.

You can still hear the pain in her voice.

"It still hurts to talk about it," she said. "Everybody loved him, he was so caring and kind."

A year's time and she says she still doesn't understand why someone would do this to a man who was the rock of their family.

“The holidays are very difficult for us, it brings tears of sadness the only way to feel better is by capturing the people who did this," she said.

Arezoumandifar moved to the United States from Iran and started his own business here more than a decade ago.

"He moved here because he wanted to be with his kids, he had everything back home but he was very family oriented," said Marchal.

Just three weeks before the shooting, Arezoumandifar was robbed at the store. Thieves took lottery tickets off the counter and ran off, with Arezoumandifar trying to chase them down. He was injured when they drove away.

Arezoumandifar had served in the Iranian Army. “He was all about doing the right thing,” said Marchal. “If anybody came like the previous robbery, he went after them trying to capture them, that's just who he was. He was a very brave man.”

Out of fear from the previous robbery, his family asked him to sell the business so he could be safe.

“We pleaded with him to stop, so he found someone who would buy it. And promised he would not go back," said Marchal.

Ali was just hours away from spending more time with his grandchildren. He was wrapping things up at the store when he was killed.

His family had set up a retirement party at their home and were waiting for him.

"We had a celebration and that's when they knocked on the door, and told us that he was shot,” said Marchal.

Marchal was asked if she had a message for her father’s killers. "Why?" she stated. "No amount of money is worth it."

The family and Palm Beach Crimes Stoppers have combined to offer a nearly $4,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

You can call Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS and remain anonymous.

"The last year has not been easy at all so we are encouraging anyone with information to please come forward,” said Marchal.