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Florida Medical Marijuana Health Center set to open in Boynton Beach

Posted at 5:26 PM, Oct 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-11 06:18:50-04

At the corner of 7th Street and Boynton Beach Boulevard sits a sign and a building that is gaining a lot of attention.

Rightfully so, says Robert Fronrath. 

“We believe we’re the first one of its kind in the state of Florida,” Fronrath says. “We’re gonna help people over the next couple of months that would’ve never even thought about coming into a facility like this.”

Fronrath is the owner of The Florida Medical Marijuana Health Center, which is currently hosting a yard sale until it opens its doors. 

When it does, however, he says you can’t get weed here, just knowledge. 

“We’re strictly a medical facility, we’re not a dispensary,” he says. “You’re going to come in, you’re going to consult with our people.” 

He says a doctor at the clinic will evaluate you, and based on whether or not your condition falls under the state law, provide you with a recommendation. 

From there, it’s up to the state to determine whether or not to issue you a medicinal marijuana card. 

“Seeing that it is close to Interstate 95, it seems like we’ll maybe have more people coming into Boynton Beach learning about this,” says Boynton Beach Mayor Steven B. Grant. 

He says the voters spoke loud and clear when they approved medical marijuana last November, but now it’s time for them to listen. 

“Some people don’t know the benefits and consequences of taking this type of medicine,” he says. 

The Palm Beach County Medical Society, which isn’t fully on board with the medical marijuana revolution, says take caution. 

Dr. Brent Schillenger said we just don’t know if marijuana is an effective treatment just yet.  

“The guidelines at this point for the actual use of it are in development so to speak," said Schillenger.

So, if you go to this clinic, or any other clinic or doctor, he says do your research.  “You really need to deal with a physician who has a lot of knowledge, who didn’t just take a weekend course. And the knowledge is evolving.”

There are still a few hurdles to jump through, such as licensing and cleanup, before the clinic opens to the public. 

Fronrath said he’s aiming to open the clinic on Oct. 23. 

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