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Federal trial continues for 3 Boynton cops accused of beating a man in 2014, falsifying

Posted at 7:23 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 19:24:04-04

The federal trial of three Boynton Beach police officers accused of beating a man in 2014 is underway.

The critical evidence in court Wednesday included that surveillance video of the attack by the three accused officers, two of which are no long on the force. 

Prosecutors claim these cops falsified their officials reports after realizing the video existed.

Wednesday, jurors watch the tape again and saw for themselves how the officers’ original reports didn’t match up.  

In the video, you can see the officers kicking and punching the man, who  was the passenger in the car involved in a high-speed chase in 2014. PBSO’s helicopter captured the video from above. 

That video was front and center in court Wednesday for day three of their federal trial. Though, it was not the first time the jury had seen the tape.

As jurors watched the video, a training officer with the Boynton Beach Police Department, Sgt. Sedrick Aiken, testified about the departments policies and procedures when it comes to use of force and written reports. 

Aiken testified that the officers’ use of force, including striking, kicking and using a Taser,
were not in line with the departments policies since the man in the car wasn’t actively resisting arrest.

Aiken also testified about the officers' written reports and how all three officers made multiple reports that didn’t accurately reflect what jurors saw in the video.

In fact, none of the officers admitted to punching or kicking the man in their first reports or using the pit maneuver.

All of which, Aiken told jurors, would have constituted as use of force and would have been required to be in the initial report. 

Another officer, Sgt. Philip Antico, is also facing charges related to falsifying records and obstruction of justice. He will stand trail separately at a later date.